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                                                                                               Frequently Asked Questions

1) When would ETM adjust the number of crew and/or trucks to complete the job? Many of our jobs are booked over the phone and scheduled for a certain size crew and truck(s) according to the information provided by the customer. Even when a visual has been performed, things often look different on move day. For example: the customer may not have packed or moved as much as they originally intended before the move.

2) What is Limited Liability Coverage? Limited Liability Coverage is included at no additional charge. Under this coverage, a claim for any item damaged while in ETM’s care, would be settled based on the weight of the individual item multiplied by $0.60. For example, if a damaged item weighs 100 pounds, the settlement amount for that item would be repair or $60.00, whichever is less. Meaning if the item can be repaired for less than $60, then the item will be repaired instead of a settlement of $60.

3) Why must I sign a waiver for ETM parking/driving on my property? ETM will not be liable for any quality, type, or incline of any driveways. At times it may be necessary for us to drive/park on yard or grass. ETM will not be held liable for any damages that may occur as a result to sprinkler system, septic system, landscaping, etc. ETM will not be held liable for any damages while accessing property as needed to complete the move.

4) Will ETM move my front load washer without shipping bolts? If necessary, however, ETM employees are not certified technicians, as such, ETM will not be held liable for any damages that may occur by moving the washer without shipping bolts properly installed. A certified appliance technician should install proper stabilization hardware before the move.

a) Will ETM install shipping bolts on my front load washer? If necessary, however, ETM will not be held liable for any damage that may occur from installation. ETM employees are not certified appliance technicians.

b) Why is ETM not liable for damage due to installation of shipping bolts? The bolts supplied by the customer may not be the proper hardware for the washing machine. ETM employees are not certified appliance technicians.

c) Do I have to disconnect/reconnect my appliances during the move? Yes, it is recommended that you or a certified technician disconnect and reconnect all appliances during your move.

d) Will ETM disconnect/reconnect my appliances? If necessary, however, movers are not certified electricians or plumbers, as such, ETM will not be held liable for any damages of any kind to home or appliances related to disconnecting and/or reconnecting appliances of any kind. ETM employees are not certified appliance technicians.

5) Why are fragile items required to be boxed prior to moving? Fragile items such as TVs, lamps, lamp shades, pictures, glass, crystal, china, ornaments, slate, marble, etc. have a much higher risk of damage during the move if not properly boxed. The best way to protect your fragile items is allowing a team of our professional packers to properly pack these items for you.

a) Why is ETM not liable for damage if ETM packs but does not unpack? Once an item is placed by ETM, whether it is a box or furniture, ETM is no longer liable.

6) What is the purpose of placing mattresses in bags or shrink wrap and padding/shrink wrapping items? The best protection from soiling or damaging mattresses and/or items is to place proper protection on these items before moving them. If customer declines items to be used, ETM will not be held liable for any damages that may occur as a result.

7) What is your policy on moving particleboard, pressboard, engineered wood, or items with a veneer finish? We are happy to move these types of items and will take great care in doing so. However, engineered wood products are not made to be disassembled for moving and do not withstand the process of being moved while assembled. Veneer finished items can become dry and brittle over time and may chip or flake from being padded and unpadded. Because this is out of our control, ETM will not be held liable for any damage that may occur to these items.

8) What is considered cosmetic damage? Cosmetic damage is damage to the appearance of an item or object that does not impair the function or purpose of said item or object.

a) Who determines what is considered cosmetic damage? Any damages will be looked at and assessed by all parties involved before a decision is made. Know your home and furniture before the move by thoroughly inspecting for existing damage such as dents, scratches, and other cosmetic blemishes caused by usage.

9) Why is ETM not liable for damages to interior/exterior of property? Customer understands that there is a certain amount of risk of damages during any move. People other than ETM may also be moving items during the move. For example: customer, friends, family, contractors, painters, installation technicians, etc.

10) Why is ETM not responsible for damage to flooring while moving during inclement weather or unfinished construction? It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that there is proper access to the residence as well as proper covering and protection for floors. This includes sidewalk, steps, etc. In the event that access is impaired in any way, it is the customer’s responsibility to inform ETM prior to the move date. Inclement weather and unfinished construction are beyond the control of ETM and therefore, ETM will not be held liable for any resulting damages.

11) Why is ETM not responsible for adjustments/tuning of grandfather clocks, pianos, etc.? ETM suggests that customer has a certified technician prepare grandfather clocks before moving. After any move, grandfather clocks may need setting and pianos may need tuning. ETM employees are not certified technicians.

12) Why is ETM not liable for items in storage or on trucks not driven by ETM? Items in storage may settle, warp, dry out, mold, etc. for reasons beyond our control. ETM is not responsible for items taken out of storage because someone else may have placed the items in storage. ETM is not responsible for items not transported by ETM because ETM does not have control over the manner in which the truck is driven.

13) Why must payment be received in full upon completion of the move? In the event of any claims, claims cannot be processed until the job is completed and the job is only completed once payment in full has been made and processed. Claims may take up to 10 business days to process once submitted.